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A story about a honey shop

Who is behind?

Katrine Klinken is a dedicated foodie – cook, consultant, writer, author of cookbooks, teacher … and now also shop owner. Here she sells honey from across Denmark and other places with good honey. Katrine is also doing honey tastings.

Spring honey, summer honey and heather honey taste differently of seasonal flowers and the bees’ work.

Honey is nature’s gold, cherished since the dawn of time. Honey is more than just sweet. Honey can have both depth, freshness, and flower flavours and it can be mild or strong.

The bees, the landscape, and the natural flora – often called terroir – create together with the beekeeper the multitude of tastes and consistencies that characterize local honeys, making them different from place to place, from year to year.

We help you to find the right honey for cooking and enjoyment.


Katrine is doing honey tastings in the  shop – you can book at Airbnb or call/email the honey shop for a privat tasting for a group. 


The store in Jægersborggade

A specialty store with wonderful bee products

The bee pollen collected by the bees from flowers open up universes of taste. Bee pollen and honey are pure and unique natural products that add character and gusto to our food and drink. Bee pollen and honey are used both in sweet and savoury dishes – for everyday cooking and exquisite meals.

Keeping bees for pollination and for honey is an ancient tradition. The specialty shop is an important connecting link, bringing honey from beekeepers to honey lovers.

The store’s product range is a selection of local, primarily Danish seasonal honeys, extracted honeys and pressed honeys, specialty honeys from particular floras and vintage honeys.

Imagine a wine shop, but with honey!

Find the local store here: